Avadhutji is a Nityaanand Mahayoga online life-changing speaker, an author, coach, mindfulness mentor, certified sound therapist, empowerment trainer, enjoy-life motivator, breath tutor, life strategist, stress-relief guide, an enlightened humanitarian, and a chemist.

He is an MSc gold medalist in integrated Physical Chemistry from IIT Bombay (1989-1994), a DSoT Certified Sound Therapist, holds an MD in Yoga Therapy, and an E-RYT 500 from Yoga Alliance.

He volunteers for the Premyogi Society to share the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi and how they changed his life. Avadhutji has 30 years of experience in sound therapy for clarity in life, empowerment, healing, relationships, and enjoyment.

Though he started the Premyogi Society, he thinks of himself only as one of its volunteers, because he considers Nityaanand Mahayogi himself as the actual founder. He never imposes or expects anything from anyone and never tries to change anyone. Because he feels that everyone is equal and thus has an equal right to experience the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

He is very humble, down-to-earth, and serves all the volunteers of Nityaanand Mahayogi worldwide by recording online content for them in his empowering voice which is fully drenched with the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

Avadhuji shares his in-depth knowledge and experiences of Nityaanand Mahayogi and Mahayoga to improve people’s lives. For the past few decades, Nityaanand Mahayoga have been consistently benefitting and empowering him on a daily basis and fulfiling all his desires.

On a quest to alleviate the suffering of the people, he extensively explored innumerable types of mindfulness and wellness yoga and meditations across many cultures. His search finally ended when he came across the life and contributions of the Healer of Love and Miracles – Nityaanand Mahayogi (1473-1541 AD), and His Mahayoga.

For more than a few decades, Avadhutji experienced first-hand that Nityaanand Mahayoga, which is full of love and miracles, was one of the most secret and effective healing practices in the world for the holistic well-being of humanity, both on an individual and collective level.

From a tender age of five, he has had a singular attraction towards yoga and meditation. He would effortlessly enter rejuvenating meditative trances. He’s always had a strong wish to unfold the hidden secrets of nature for self-empowerment and self-fulfilment.

He travelled throughout the Himalayas with his parents during his childhood in his quest to try all the different types of ancient yoga and meditations for attaining the love, bliss, peace, and miracles which we all seek for.

Avadhutji’s intense practice of – and profound experiences with – Nityaanand Mahayoga made it clear to him that it contains many empowering and harmonizing energies of the universe which were present in Nityaanand Mahayogi himself.

Thus, Nityaanand Mahayoga soothes and rejuvenates the body on a molecular level and fills the practitioners with the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

Avadhutji is a calm, loving, polite, and genteel speaker whose words are full of love and miracles themselves, all thanks to his blissful practice of Nityaanand Mahayoga for many hours every day.

Practicing Nityaanand Mahayoga and assisting the kind and selfless volunteers, sharers, and teachers of Nityaanand Mahayogi online are the pristine joys of his life. He tries to enhance the quality of others’ lives – by sharing online the infinite love, peace, and joy he himself feels due to always being in touch with Nityaanand Mahayogi through Nityaanand Mahayoga.

All volunteers of Nityaanand Mahayogi and Premyogi Society are free to have their personal beliefs and live in the way they want. Avadhutji also has his own personal beliefs and practices and as a hobby he records public videos about them too.

But while sharing the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi to one and all, he keeps these personal beliefs strictly private and never introduces them to anyone even individually or subtly. He never interferes in the personal lives of the practitioners of Nityaanand Mahayoga. He provides personal consultation mostly online through his voice or text replies by email.

Since all the benefits of Nityaanand Mahayoga can be realized online simply by hearing the powerful sound vibrations of Avadhutji and by trying the simple yoga and breathing techniques shared by him, he mostly shares them for free online only so that he can reach a large amount of people through his long-lasting recordings and writings.

There are no rules, restrictions, impositions, or forced beliefs of any kind in the practicing and sharing of the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi. Everyone practice Nityaanand Mahayoga if they like it or leave it at anytime if they don’t.

Through his online sharing of Nityaanand Mahayoga, his desire is to help in improving the mental and physical health of the people by introducing them to the love, miracles, and peace of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

This would help them to follow their own beliefs in the best possible manner. He does not want to change anyone’s beliefs, lifestyles, or point of views; but simply enhance them by helping them add the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi to their existing lives.

One of his main qualities is that he does not judge anyone’s views or lifestyles, and thus does not harbor strong or negative views about anything or anyone. He believes everyone has the right to live in the way they want. He always talks sweetly to anyone and everyone reflecting and sharing the unconditional love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

Due to his selfless social welfare efforts and of all the volunteers of Premyogi Society, Nityaanand Mahayoga is now benefitting plenty of people on this planet irrespective of their beliefs, faith, color, race, country, gender, lifestyle, and point of view.

You can contact him by emailing him, which is his preferred mode of contact. If you have any sufferings you like to be expressly mitigated or any desires to be fulfiled, you can email him about them. He will put them before Nityaanand Mahayogi during his daily Nityaanand Mahayoga.

If Nityaanand Mahayogi thinks that fulfiling them will be beneficial for you in the long term, he will grant them. Avadhutji cannot guarantee the results since it is up to Nityaanand Mahayogi ultimately. But since Avadhutji does it for free to help people, you have nothing to lose. Avadhutji or Premyogi Society will never share the private contents of your emails to anyone.

Since Avadhutji has been deeply and internally connected to Nityaanand Mahayogi for the past few decades, Nityanaand Mahayogi may listen to his petition more quickly than yours. But that does not mean that Nityaanand Mahayogi won’t listen to your direct petition also if you are doing his Nityaanand Mahayoga regularly. Nityaanand Mahayogi is always waiting to directly make each and everyone of us happy through his love and miracles. We just have to take the first step to approach him.

You can also ask questions to Avadhutji or share your testimonails of Nityaanand Mahayogi’s miracles in your life in the comments of any post on Nityaanand.com. His public answers will benefit everyone. He sometimes posts short 5-min personal video updates on his Instagram which may not be posted on this site.

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One Comment on “Avadhutji”

  1. I have heard videos of Avadhutji and I personally feel very relaxed and motivated when he speaks. His talks goes till heart. One can easily feel how much He has been connected with Nityaanand Mahayogi with His depth knowledge and experiences.

    Nityaanand Mahayogi has done wonders in my life. I have experienced miracles from the day I have started His mahayoga. If by some good luck you have found about Him then do try to ask Him about your problems through His Mahayoga…afterall who doesnot need miracles and love in life!