Nityanaand Mahayogi Vayulekhan

The Instant Currents of Bliss

Everyone of us lives for happiness, love, and to achieve what we desire. We take every action in our lives in the pursuit of joy.

That is what we all are seeking continuously, because that (anand) is the very nature of our soul. The soul cannot exist without bliss as it is sat-chit-anand.

This is exactly what airwriting of Nityaanand Mahayogi’s name (निताइ) awards us, as soon as we start moving our palm and upper arm in the air. Just touch one of the happiest personalities in creation: Nityaanand Mahayogi, to become instantly happy. Everything about Him is instant.

Instant currents of sheer bliss and love will begin coursing throughout your body internally. Miracles will start happening around you.

Both these astonishing things will happen irrespective of the time, place, circumstances, and emotional state you are in. You just have to lift your palm to airwrite निताइ in the air, and see it for yourself.

Yes, it is so easy to attain whatever you are always seeking for. This is called smart living. Minimum effort, maximum mileage. Happiness, love, peace, and wish-fulfillment are finally at your fingertips, literally! At the push of the button, as they say.

We can know Nityaanand’s bliss is true when we instantly experience it ourselves by airwriting निताइ. But we still become careless and neglect doing it. We have no time to make ourselves happy.

Our mind discourages us, “Ok, that day you got so much bliss by airwriting निताइ but so what? You can get it by other means too. Try new things.” In this way our own mind cheats us of the instant bliss, love, and peace which is instantly available to us by airwriting निताइ.

We end up being so near to what we have always wanted but yet so far. There is many a slip between the cup and lip. We don’t understand that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

So just cast aside all such resistance and distractions, and just lift you palm and start writing निताइ in the air. Just break the ice! You can practice it while doing other things too. It is one of the simplest sources of bliss, love, and peace; just like Nityaanand Mahayogi Himself.

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5 Comments on “The Instant Currents of Bliss”

  1. Writing निताइ is just so astonishing.. Everytime I write in air, Mahayogi is always present to give His big love and miracles.. thank you Avadhutji.

    1. You are so right. The key word here is that He becomes instantly present for us, watching over us. We touch Him by airwriting and He hugs us and takes care of every single tiny need we may have or problem we may be facing. Baby steps by us and infinite reciprocation by Him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, I have also felt that when I do it seriously i feel instant change in my thoughts.. My mind gets relaxed. By premyogi’s mercy i have also felt currents of bliss few times. 🙏🙏

  3. Dear Avadhutji, Thank you very much for sharing with us such a sublime process to attain love and bliss. One instantly feels energised after doing even 5 mins of air writing. I request the readers of this post to try this process and feel the gates open to your unlimited potential by the direct touch of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

    1. Writing निताइ lets us give Nityaanand Mahayogi the control over our wishes and desires so he can do what is best for us, such a deep form of surrender. Thanks Avadhutji for the miraculous mantra filled with so much bliss.