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Love Begets Love

We need to touch something to experience it truly. In the same way, by writing Nityaanand Mahayogi’s short mantra निताइ in the air, we can feel Him directly by our palm and in our consciousness.

Feeling Nityaanand means experiencing infinite bliss, love, peace, empowerment, and prosperity. It brings about our harmonious union with the reservoir of ultimate happiness.

We work hard for success. There is no shortcut to that. But there is no harm in accepting some free assistance in this quest of ours. By Lekhan Yoga, we ensure that this success is just a palm-touch away because we tap into the miraculous power of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

Reaching our goal may typically require us to extend our hand towards someone who has achieved it already. Nityaanand Mahayogi is the personification of all goals.

We show Him our eagerness to attain our goal by raising and moving our upper arm and writing His mantra in the air with our palm. In reciprocation, He holds our hand and sees to it till the end that we achieve our goals without fail.

There are two factors. Desire and deserve. Why does everyone not get what they desire? Because they don’t deserve it due to their past karma.

Here is where Nityaanand Mahayogi comes in. The writing in the air of His mantra निताइ specializes in eradicating our past karma, which is blocking the fulfillment of our desires. Then lo and behold! Our wishes start getting fulfilled like the ripe fruits falling from a tree.

Unless we touch our beloved object, we don’t feel the full reciprocation of love. To transmit bountiful love in all our relationships also, touching the overflowing ocean of love in the form of Nityaanand’s Mantra helps.

Try airwriting His short mantra निताइ and see for yourself how full to the brim with love you feel. You will be a walking volcano of passion in all your relationships. Caring, gentle, affectionate, and sensitive. Just like Nityaanand Himself.

Love begets love. Nityaanand performed His miracles of love by His empowering touch from 1473-1541. But we can still receive that same enriching touch and love of His by writing His mantra in the air.

Airwriting Nityaanand’s short mantra निताइ is like peeking out of the window and catching a glimpse of the majestic splendor of His form and realm. It ushers in abundant fortune, love, and bliss in our lives.

For me, it is a jubilant festival of goosebumps every time I raise my upper arm and palm in the air to write His short mantra निताइ in the air. This Lekhan Yoga is the harbinger of great wisdom, vision, and foresight; as it is full of the love and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi.

The essence of all enjoyment is how much happiness we feel in every single thing we do throughout the day and night.

Armed with the direct touch of the pleasurable Nityaanand Mahayogi through the airwriting of His short mantra निताइ, we will always remain in a bubble of joy throughout the day and night, whatever we are doing. This results in perpetual bliss‼!

Nityaanand Mahayogi’s mantras, form, pastimes, abode, associates, paraphernalia, etc. are all forms of endless bliss and radiance. They can grant every desire we have. We have to simply approach and touch them via the rapturous airwriting and singing of His mantras and pastimes.

With Mahayogi’s love,
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4 Comments on “Love Begets Love”

  1. Thanks Nityaanand Yogi for describing the unlimited wonders that Mahayogi can do in our lives. Reading the miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi and His Name just enlivens the heart.

  2. What a hope for hopeless in this difficult world where we all our struggling with our fate one way or the other. Airwriting sounds so blissful and miraculous. Thank you Nityaanand Yogi for showing us the way out for our never ending problems and the way to experience the bliss.

  3. Nityaanand Mahayogi gives us lot of Prem and Bliss while airwriting his Name. THANKS Nityaanand Yogi for showing us this premdhan.

  4. Thanks a ton dear Nityaanand Yogi for sharing this wish fulfilling process. When i write with palm i feel like some magic wand is working to fulfill my wishes.