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Write in Air the Wish-Fulfilling Mantra of Nityaanand Mahayogi for Love and Miracles

Nityaanand Mahayogi was the astonishing secular healer of love and miracles from 1473 to 1541 AD. So He is also known as Premyogi. He tirelessly worked for social upliftment. He selflessly healed people of all religions, beliefs, lifestyles, genders, orientations, races, point of views, etc. without any discrimination.He respected and served all as their sincere well-wisher. He never tried to change or convert anyone, impose His views on anyone, expect anyone to follow any rules or beliefs, get anyone to accept Him, or expected anything in return.

He just helped everyone by His loving miracles to become better at what they wanted to be. He always forgave and overlooked others’ faults while giving Himself to them.

He hugged and compassionately awarded His love and miracles even to those who hit Him and made Him bleed profusely. No one was His enemy as everyone who saw Him fell in love with Him. He kept Himself in the background by always giving credit to others.

Maha means great love. Nitya means eternal or unceasing. Anand means infinite bliss. Mahayogi’s body was full of anand or bliss and miracles, which He never kept only for Himself. He liberally distributed His love to one and all. So His name is Nityaanand. निताइ is its short form in Sanskrit. This is what we write in the air.

● How to Write in Air?

Nityanaand Mahayogi Vayulekhan

Vayu means air and lekhan is writing. Vayulekhan (Write in Air) is the practice of writing Nityaanand Mahayogi’s Sanskrit mantra (निताइ) with our palm in large size in the air in front of our eyes, while mentally visualizing His form as described below in each of the shapes of its 10 writing strokes. Eyes can be open or closed, whichever helps in visualizing better. One can even airwrite mentally if one is not able to move the palm in the air.

You can write once alternatingly with your right and left palm so that each hemisphere of your brain is activated by visualization and each of your arms get some time to rest in between. If needed, the right and left elbow can rest on chair handles, raised knee, or any other raised object for support; while the upper arm moves for airwriting. The moving palm can be in any comfortable position. It is not necessary to keep it fully straight.

The whole point is to facilitate mental visualization and meditation on Nityaanand Mahayogi in each stroke by the persistence of vision and the sparkler’s trail effect arising by airwriting in large size, specifically in the air space which is right in front of our eyes.

Optionally, you can alternately inhale and exhale deeply 5 times each while airwriting and visualizing the 10 strokes, as shown in the 10 slides below.

The shapes of each of the 10 strokes of the Sanskrit syllables of Nityaanand Mahayogi’s name (निताइ) are none other than His Own Self. Thus, they award us infinite blessings of His love and miracles even today. He still lives in these benevolent strokes of His name.

Nityaanand Mahayogi compassionately left behind this all-awarding form of His Sanskrit name (निताइ) to directly bless us with His love and miracles even in the present times, just like He gave His love to all during His physical presence from 1473 to 1541 AD.

Nityaanand Mahayogi’s body was full of love, bliss, beauty, prosperity, miracles, and peace – the six things everyone of us want. He still lives in the unmanifest eternal plane granting our desires and ending our sufferings, if we are ready to receive that unconditional love of His by writing His name in the air daily and singing or intoning His mantra (Om Namah Nityaanandaaya) and pastimes.

From the eternal dimension, He still continues to instantly grant His love and miracles to anyone who writes His blissful Sanskrit mantra of निताइ in the air. He is so compassionate that He just cannot bear our suffering.

There is nothing which He can’t give us if we write His blissful mantra in the air with our palm. Learn the simple Sanskrit shapes and the sequence of airwriting the 10 strokes once and reap their benefits by practicing airwriting forever. There are no side-effects. You can start and stop at any time you wish. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t believe us blindly. Please do try it out and see for yourself. It is easy and free. You will be astonished at the instant reciprocation from Nityaanand Mahayogi in regards to your unfulfilled desires and problems, as soon as you start practicing His Vayulekhan.

We can do this airwriting as a prayer to Him to heal our near and dear ones also. His airwriting is one of the best prayers we can offer for the welfare of others too.

There is no problem which He cannot solve for us if we write His liberal mantra in the air with our palm.

There is no love, bliss, happiness, enjoyment, fulfilment, concentration, success, empowerment, and freedom from all kinds of distress which He can’t give to those who write His mantra in the air.

Writing His name in the air with our palm means directly touching Him, intimately caressing Him, internally visualizing Him, lovingly massaging Him, wholeheartedly accepting Him, opening up to Him, making our problems His responsibility to fix, and so much more!

A huge river or lake nurtures a field with fresh water through a connecting canal or pipe. Similarly, when we raise our hand to write His mantra in the air, we instantly get connected directly to His powerful and beautiful form, which is the ambrosial healing nectar cure for all our problems in life.

We get cured by mentally remembering and following the prescriptions of our doctor. In the same way, writing His mantra in the air is actually the most profound mental remembrance of His form, an invocation to Him to help us, mindful healing, and an intense prayerful request to Him to shower us with His love and miracles; from within the deepest crevices of our subconscious.

If we touch electricity, we get electrified. Similarly, while writing His mantra in the air, we touch Him both externally with our palm and internally through our mind also by visualizing Him through the airwriting of the 10 shapes of His syllables. This instantly drowns our lives in the inundating flood of both His love and miracles simultaneously.

We may be anywhere physically, but we are actually where our mind is. In the same way, writing His mantra in the air transports us directly in His very presence, like nothing else can. Thus, it enables us to receive His endless love and miracles directly from Him, via the direct communion of airwriting.

An iron rod becomes fire by touching fire. In the same way, every atom in our body gets healed with His love and our desires get fulfilled by uniting with Him through this easiest practice of airwriting.

You can airwrite His mantra in the air anywhere and everywhere, at all times and in any bodily condition, even in silent situations when you can’t talk. There are absolutely NO hard and fast rules or prohibitions that need to be followed. It is for everyone without any discrimination or conditions, just like Nityaanand Mahayogi Himself.

Writing His mantra with our finger in the air or by a pen on paper may be like poking Him. But writing in the air with our palm is like gently caressing, massaging, holding, hugging, touching, or wiping Him.

We touch much more surface area of Nityaanand Mahayogi’s body in our mental visualization by writing with the palm than just with our finger. So the blissful benefits we receive are exponentially multiplied.

As we know, the amount of transfer of bliss to us is directly proportional to the size of the surface area of exposure to the source of that bliss. Also, while writing with a pen on paper, there is no direct mental touch like there is when we airwrite with our palm.

It is much more easier to mentally visualize and touch all limbs of His merciful form when we airwrite each stroke with our palm instead of just our finger. This is because His broad body can be covered by our palm, not by our thin finger.

Also, we can easily grab His lotus-like golden hand with our palm and not let go of it mentally till He mercifully grants our desire or solves our problem. On the other hand, we can’t hold on to anything by just one finger, even mentally.

PS. Sometimes, Nityaanand Mahayogi may not grant us what we want, or may not fix the problem which we want Him to fix. It is not because He does not possess the capacity to grant it.

It is because knowing our past, present, and future very well; He decides that granting that specific wish will prove karmically harmful to us in the short or long term in a way we ourselves don’t know yet, even though we may be assuming that it is good for us.

● The Air Gestures With Your Palm to Write in Air Nityaanand Mahayogi’s Name

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

1) As you airwrite the first curving stroke न; visualize how Nityaanand Mahayogi is approaching a person, humbly bending and falling on His knees before him or her and imploring to accept His love and miracles, willing to go any extent to help to fulfill his or her desires, and is eventually hugging that person to fully transmit His love and miracles.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

2) As you airwrite the second vertical stroke | from the top to bottom; visualize how blissful, peaceful, and, empowered that person who has just received Nityaanand’s love is feeling from head to toe, simply due to Nityaanand’s touch and embrace. How fortunate and how much love and attraction he or she has started feeling for Nityaanand, after realizing the greatness of the treasure which has been just received.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

3) As you airwrite the third ascending vertical and then curving stroke ि from the bottom to top, visualize how Nityaanand is standing at a distance and constantly caring and watching over the person (2) whom He has granted His love to. Once He hugs someone (1), He never forgets him or her. He always remains by their side by His merciful glance and blessings, represented by the top curve, which eventually touches their head and blesses them. He is constantly providing them with what they lack and safeguarding what they already have.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

4) As you airwrite the fourth horizontal stroke — from the left to right, visualize how Nityaanand stretches out His beautiful arm horizontally to steer your life and give you detailed step-by-step directions about the shortest path to the destination and goal you want to achieve in life. He always acts as your guide and driver. He can’t bear it if you miss your mark. So by always residing within your heart, He never leaves your side even for a moment. Thus, this 4th stroke represents the formation of your solid relationship (sambandha) with Nityaanand Mahayogi.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

5) As you airwrite the fifth curving stroke त resembling a plow from the bottom to top, visualize how you are touching or holding Nityaanand’s own beautiful plow. This plow is uprooting all the unwanted gross and subtle problems in your life, so that they can never ever sprout up again. This plow, which He is holding in His right hand, is cultivating your heart and making it more fertile with love, affection, appreciation, respect, understanding, compassion, and kindness to others; thus improving your relationships with everyone you know or meet.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

6) As you airwrite the sixth vertical stroke | from the top to bottom, visualize every golden limb of the most exquisite, charming, and perfectly formed divine body of Nityaanand from His head to feet, as if He is standing right in front of you or in your heart. It is more beautiful than millions of cupids and more effulgent than thousands of suns. He is smiling upon you, granting you all that you desire, even before you ask.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

7) As you airwrite the seventh vertical stroke | from the bottom to top, visualize the surface area of the club of Nityaanand, which He is holding in His left hand, with the big round heavy part of the club at the bottom. He constantly uses the club to destroy all the boulder-like obstacles in our path, which are inflicted on us by others around us due to our past karma. With these karmic obstacles cleared, we start deserving what we desire. And then we start attaining what we desire, due to His club’s miracle upon us. Visualizing His club makes us humble, resilient against, and unaffected by insults, infamy, and disrespect from others. It also thwarts the evil intentions of those who want to do us harm.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

8) As you airwrite the eight horizontal stroke — from the left to right, visualize how by now you are under the complete care and protection of Nityaanand. He is engaged in His non-stop services for you. This is because He feels lovingly obliged to serve you 24/7, especially because you are airwriting His mantra and singing or listening to Om Namah Nityaanandaaya and His pastimes of love and miracles (Premyog). Also, in the form of this 8th stroke, which is directly above Nityaanand in the 6th stroke, you can visualize the round umbrella being held over His head. At that time, He is going door to door to freely grant the wishes, love, and, miracles to everyone, while carrying His plow and club.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

9) As you airwrite the longest 9th stroke इ which has 3 curves, visualize how Nityaanand Mahayogi is standing with His divine body bending in three places: at His neck, waist, and knees. He is standing in this way on the soft green grass under the Bakul tree in His Ekachakra village. He is playing His flute (represented by the 10th stroke) and imbuing every single animate and inanimate object in his beautiful home town of Ekachakra with His love and bliss. The three curves in this stroke are directly the three bends in His divine body intertwined with His exquisite golden bodily limbs and His radiant blue dhoti. The bottommost curving part of this stroke is His beautiful lotus feet resting sideways on the soft green grass of Ekachakra with His shining pearl-like toes.

Nityaanand Vayulekhan

10) As you airwrite the shortest tenth horizontal stroke — from the left to right, visualize His flute resting on His bimba-fruit-like red lotus lips. Visualize the sound of this flute as it is calling back all His cowherd boyfriends, cows, and calves from grazing. Also, He is announcing to His parents, wife, and all associates at home, that He is returning back to His splendid Ekachakra Yogapith soon. The sound of His flute even has your name in it, showering you 24/7 with His love and miracles. It has the name of every living entity in creation. In this 10th stroke of love, you can become fully enchanted by also visualizing His perfectly-formed lotus face with His head adorned with the most gorgeous curly black hair.

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    1. If I remember correctly, you were one of the first who took up writing in the air and you did it so profusely on your own. You were in sheer bliss. The good old days, eh!

  1. Thanks for your writings Avadhutji. Airwriting in my experience, by your blessings, instantly gives esctasy with all its symptoms. I hope all fortunate souls take to this practice and make their life blissful and prosperous. Concluding lines in PS are helpful. Joy Nityaanand! 🙏

    1. Yes, it instantly makes you worry-free and blissful as Nityaanand Mahayogi takes over full responsibility of solving our problems when we touch Him by writing His name in the air. You are so right dear Krishna das!

  2. 9th and 10th is awesome, You have revealed some very secret pastimes of Ekachakra where Nityaanand Mahayogi is playing flute. He is leading the cowherding pastimes this time 😊.

    1. I am so happy that finally there is something in His name that you can tangibly experience, connect to, and enhance your life with. You have been so eager and sincere to receive such an experience. Thanks.

    1. This is just a drop of the infinite love and miracles which is there in the syllables of His infinitely compassionate name. I will try to share more drops with you. Thanks.

  3. So beautiful description of each and every stroke of the syllables. One can easily get absorbed in bliss, love, and miracles of Nityaanand Mahayogi after understanding the meanings of every stroke. You have described it so beautifully the depth of every stroke which is out of the world. 🙌🙌

    1. You find them beautiful because you are experiencing them. The love and bliss in the syllables of His name is no longer theoretical but actually fully accessible to each one of us by writing निताइ in the air. Thanks.

  4. I was writing निताइ in air for few hours and when I opened my eyes, daylight had turned to dusk. Just loved it. Wish Mahayogi keeps showering me with more and more compassion through His miracles and never let me go away.

    1. This is just amazing and so pleasing to hear. It is all due to your intense faith in Nityaanand Mahayogi’s love and miracles and the teachings of our Avadhutji.

      1. Well said Gaur. The proof is in the pudding. Only one who actually writes निताइ in the air daily oneself can understand the love and miracles of Mahayogi we are talking about here. Thanks.

    2. Wow, what an absolutely mesmerizing way to enter into the beauty of the sunset, drowned in the utter bliss and prayer of airwriting of निताइ. Thanks.

        1. I have to thank all the wonderful commenters here who are taking out the time to comment. They are reminding me of all the gifts of love and miracles I myself have been receiving from Nityaanand Mahayogi, through the practice of writing His name (निताइ) in the air. Due to their sharing, now I can also see how much Mahayogi has been doing for me too, so I don’t take His mercy on me lightly. Thanks.

  5. “I can also see how much Mahayogi has been doing for me too, so I don’t take His mercy on me lightly.”
    Thank you dear Avadhutji for the reminder. निताइ👏

  6. Unlimited thanks dear Avadhutji for sharing a glimpse, through these blissful articles, of the Love which Mahayogi bestows on you. Feels as if Nityaanand becomes pleased with me if I try to express some appreciation here. निताइ

  7. Thanks for sharing the deep secrets and hidden meaning of the syllables. Beautiful and easy process to get our wishes fulfilled.